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  What's Happening?

Yoga and Studio Cycling Semester Pass Prorate
Spring 2009 semester passes for Studio Cycling and Yoga are currently $20 for student members and $32 for non-student members. Semester passes allow unlimited access to scheduled classes through May 15, 2009. Visit the Wellness Suite Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. to purchase your passes.

Student Summer Membership
Spring semester student memberships will expire on Friday, May 15. Any student who would like to continue using the Herbert Wellness Center during the summer must purchase membership. Only students enrolled in classes may have the fee added to their student account. Membership is $136 for the full summer or $11/week. Purchase full-summer membership (or have it added to your student account) before May 15 and receive free towel service! Pre-sale applications are available at the front desk. Visit the membership office or call 305-284-8019 for more information.

2nd Annual Sunsmart Sprint 5K Run/Walk
The 2nd Annual Sunsmart Sprint 5K Run/Walk is at 7 a.m. on Saturday, May 2 at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne.  Join the Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery for this event.  All proceeds will support melanoma and skin cancer research and care.  For further information and to register online visit www.splitsecondtiming.com or call 954-384-7521.  Registration cost: $25.  Kids Fun Run (ages 6 and under): FREE.

"U Rock " Wellness Education Series
The Herbert Wellness Center is proud to promote healthy living by offering a series of programs on various topics, ranging from fitness and nutrition to stress management. The "U Rock " series is open to everybody, regardless of membership status. Registration is required prior to participation in any of the programs. Visit the Wellness Suite or call 305-284-LIFE(5433) to reserve your place. Click here for the full schedule. Here are some of our upcoming programs in the series:


Cooking Class - Pizza Night (RESCHEDULED DATE)
Wednesday, April 29, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m., Instructional Kitchen. Chef Lori is tossing around some dough at the Herbert Wellness Center instructional kitchen. Pizza, a favorite food of young and old alike, can be prepared in ways you never imagined. Barbecued chicken and pepper pizza with ginger BBQ sauce (southwestern flair), roasted acorn squash and gorgonzola pizza (gourmet veggie), and dessert pizza with raspberry sauce are on the menu. Bring a container for leftovers! Cost (including recipes, cooking demonstrations, and food tasting) is $25 for UM students, $30 for Wellness Center members, and $35 for non-members.

Meditation Workshop
Thursday, April 30, 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m., Classroom 2. Relax and unwind as you learn to meditate. You'll develop mental clarity and discipline, as well as enhance creativity and inner peace in your pursuit of personal satisfaction. Classes are free and open to students, employees, and the community.


Parking Information
Please note that the BankUnited North, VIP, and/or Serpentine lots may be closed for the following events:

  • May 2: Miami Dade College Commencement Ceremonies
  • May 7: Kings of Leon at 8 p.m.
  • May 14 - 17: UM Commencement Ceremonies

For more specific parking information, please visit the Parking bulletin board to the right of the Herbert Wellness Center exit gates.

  Tips for a Healthier

Health-E Tidbit: Don't be so Sweet
If you're an average American, you eat 125 pounds of sugar a year - much of it unconsciously. That's because about 75% of the sugar you eat is added to foods before you ever see it: ketchup, soups, salad dressings, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, juices, and many other food items contain sugar. Nutritionists disagree on sugar in the diet. Some believe sugar is okay if you have a healthy diet, while others think it contributes to cavities and diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and hypertension. While the debate goes on, you can substitute fresh fruits for sugary snacks and get carbohydrates from healthy foods instead of "empty calories" from sugar. Source: 365 Everyday Healthy Tips by Michael Mannion

Jumpstart Your Routine
Does your exercise routine need a swift kick in the gluteus maximus? It's easy to get bored with the same old exercises every day. Why not try a few T pushups?


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3



This exercise focuses on the chest, shoulders, and core.

Step 1: Lay face down on the ground. Move your arm out at your side until your body resembles a cross. Press your palms against the ground. Push up off the ground. You are now in the starting position of a normal push-up.

Step 2: Tighten your core while lowering your upper body toward the ground by bending your elbows and keeping your back straight.

Step 3: Raise yourself back up to the original starting position. Rotate your torso and legs to one side so that your body is facing away from the ground. Simultaneously, raise your arm to the sky so that your upper body forms a "T."

Step 4: Return your torso and legs to the starting position for a push-up so that your upper body again faces the ground. This completes 1 repetition.


Ask a Trainer
Have a question you'd like answered by a personal trainer? We're here to help.


Q: What are the benefits of varying my workouts?

A: Varying your workout will help to prevent boredom, which is often associated with doing the same workout over and over again, and it can also extend the time before you reach a plateau in your work performance. Modifying your workout every two to eight weeks will encourage adherence to the program because you will be more likely to remain interested. Varying your exercise routine can also help you stay physically challenged. Many of the body's physiological systems adapt to an exercise program within approximately six to eight weeks. If you do not modify your exercise routine, you reach a plateau because your body has adapted to the repetitive training stimulus. There are several ways you can spice up your current workout routine, including boosting the intensity of your workouts. For instance, if you jog or run, try incorporating some intervals of sprinting or adding more hill work to your run. You can also cross train and perform different activities to provide your body with a new challenge. An option for adding variety to strength-training workouts is to replace some or all of the exercises in your workout routine. You can still train the same muscle groups but change the exercises. It is important to push yourself to new levels and try different activities to stay enthusiastic and excited about your workouts.


Have questions for a trainer? E-mail them to wellnesscenter@miami.edu and you might see your answer in our next issue.

Did You Know?
Interested in science-based fitness facts? Our resident exercise physiologist and associate director of fitness, will share fitness and nutrition information that is fact, not fiction.


Exercise reduces risk of cardiovascular disease in part because it improves lipid profile.  But how much exercise is necessary? A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine investigated the effects of the amounts and intensity of exercise necessary to improve lipid profile.  In this study, participants were randomly assigned to participate for six months in a control group or for approximately eight months in one of three exercise groups: high-amount–high-intensity exercise, low-amount–high-intensity exercise, or low-amount–moderate-intensity exercise. All three exercise groups had significant improvements in lipid profile when compared to the control group but there was a clear dose response in that the high-amount-high-intensity exercise resulted in best improvements. Interestingly, only participants that maintained their weight were included for data analysis. This excludes weight loss as the explanation behind the changes in lipid profile. It's important to point out that although the high-amount-high-intensity group had the best results, all three exercise groups showed improvement suggesting that any exercise is better than nothing! Furthermore, the high-amount-high-intensity group performed exercise equivalent to an energy expenditure of approximately 300 calories per session at 65-80% maximal heart rate. This intensity is well within what is comfortable for most individuals.


Member Spotlight


Herbert Wellness Center Member Adrianne Rondon Loses 100 Pounds!
Adrianne Rondon is living proof that diet and exercise really is the key to healthy weight loss - she lost 100 pounds! The Herbert Wellness Center is so proud of her accomplishments. Her story, probably familiar to many, is truly inspiring and we wanted to share it here with you. You will usually find her stepping away on the stair master - don't be afraid to say hello and congratulate her on this fantastic accomplishment!

Before - 235 pounds
After - 135 pounds

After a lifetime of battles with her weight, in which Adrianne lost and regained the weight several times, she finally decided to set realistic goals for herself and create a long-lasting plan for success. In her own words, here's how she did it:

I remember looking in the mirror (which I rarely did) and thinking how did I get this big? How and when will I ever lose this weight? I just hated myself for being so weak and lacking self control over food and for being lazy! One day, I just thought, I CANNOT go on like this! None of my clothes fit! I'm uncomfortable in social situations and I cannot even find clothes to wear unless I go buy more and more.

So I decided it was time to commit! I joined the gym at my husband's work and he generously gave up his lunch hour to watch the boys while I exercised for an hour. I went every day religiously because I knew that the boys could get sick or appointments could get in the way and I may have to take an unscheduled day off. Meanwhile, I wanted to feel comfortable and confident. I went to Lane Bryant and I bought 2 pairs of jeans that made me feel good and I didn't feel depressed in them. I bought some workout clothes that didn't make me feel like a blimp.

I started eating for nutrition and NOT for comfort! I realized that if I was working so hard at the gym, then I didn't want to waste it by overeating! So, I started counting calories. I realized that I needed to lose X amount by my 38th birthday which was February 2009. I wanted to be at least back to a size 8 so I calculated a slow and realistic weight loss of 5 pounds per month (1 pound equals 3500 calories).

I did it! I started eating lots of really filling veggies like brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, salads, etc. I ate protein sources like fish, tuna, Boca Burgers, etc. By controlling my caloric intake and expenditure, I was on track losing 5 pounds per month.

I did 1 hour of cardio per day and started with the treadmill, then elliptical, then Stairmaster, then Concept 2 rowing machine and just kept mixing it up! I was listening to my body also! You have to listen to your body! I would give myself daily treats like some chips and some wine on the weekend. But, I still kept track in my mind the caloric intake to make sure to work it out!

The weight started coming off and people at the Wellness Center were noticing and making comments and that just motivated me even more and more. Until I reached my goal and even surpassed it! I don't know what else to say! I am more energetic for my kids! I am more confident as a woman and mom and I am feeling very healthy! I LOVE to exercise and I DO feel guilty putting "crap" in my mouth! I think before I eat. I am being very aware of what goes in my mouth and how much I move. I am a very confident and healthy person now. I am happy that I have my "emotional" eating under control and didn't succumb to laziness! My health problems have disappeared and the only pain I feel now is just from strenuous workouts. The health and emotional benefits that I've gained are important but most important is that I have been teaching my kids the joy of healthy eating and exercise. They love to eat broccoli and love to exercise. This is a very important part of life that I want them to grow up with as it just becomes second nature to eat well and exercise. Losing the 100 pounds wasn't easy but it sure makes 5-10 pound losses seem like a piece of cake (yumm)!

  Read about Adrianne's entire inspiring journey to healthy weight loss and her tips on how you too can achieve your fitness goals at http://www.shapefit.com/success-stories-weight-loss-adrianne.html. Congratulations Adrianne - you look great!