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You will need three pieces of information and an IDR to successfully order staples for your Ricoh multifunctional device.

- The address where you would like to have your staples delivered. (This is the mailing address of your building) i.e. 1507 Levante Ave Coral Gables, FL 33146 Room 310

- The model of you Ricoh multifunction device, and the product ID.

- The serial number of your Ricoh multifunction device. (This can be found on the Ricoh business card attached to the front of the machine.)

You will also need an IDR in which to reference your order for staples. Please fill out the following form completely.

* Email Address    
* Contact Name:   
* Last name:          
* Department::       
* Phone:                
  Product ID:         
* Mailing Address: ( Include Building and room number)
* Model Type:      
* Serial No.         


If after 5 days you have not received your order, please contact:


Aris Molina
Ricoh Professional Services
Customer Service- University of Miami Account


UM (305)284-2310 & F:(305)284-3192


Or Contact DSS : 305-284-2378


University of Miami